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Our Story

Brewery & Restaurant
Est. 2019

Within the treelined hills of Eureka, a unique entity emerged from the heart of Melvin Brewing - an offspring, an extension, but with a singular spirit. This was Melvin Brewing Eureka, a wing of the mothership, yet unlike any other part of it. This was the place where brewing rules were bent and twisted, where unusual brews were birthed, where tantalizing sours, intriguing IPAs and world-class barrel-aged beers saw the light of day. It was an arena of experimentation, a realm where brewing creativity roamed unfettered.


But as with all narratives of growth and transformation, the world around Melvin Brewing Eureka began to change. The mothership was purchased, altering the course of its destiny. Yet, amidst this shift, the local owners of Melvin Brewing Eureka harbored a different vision. A vision rooted in keeping the brewing tradition locally owned, preserving the essence of their town, their people, their craft.


Thus, a transformation was inevitable. Melvin Brewing Eureka needed to evolve, to break free, and to assert its identity. A momentous decision was made, and with it, a new entity was born - Freestyle Brewing. The name signified more than just a change. It was a declaration of intent, a commitment to the craft.


Freestyle Brewing symbolized liberation and self-direction. It represented the freedom to create without restrictions, the courage to follow an independent path. It reflected a brewing style unshackled by corporate directives, one that thrived on innovation and refused to compromise on quality.


This metamorphosis from Melvin Brewing Eureka to Freestyle Brewing was more than just a rebranding. It was the manifestation of a belief - the belief that true craftsmanship stems from freedom. The local owners held the reins of their destiny, ready to lead Freestyle Brewing into a new era of brewing excellence.


The spirit of Eureka and the experimental ethos of the original Melvin arm lived on in Freestyle Brewing. But now, it was combined with an even stronger determination to innovate, explore, and above all, remain true to the heart of local craft brewing. This was the genesis of Freestyle Brewing, a testament to the unyielding spirit of craft brewers who dared to forge their own.

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